St. Michael and All Angels
We seek to be a light of Christ in the community, where all are welcome to experience God's love and blessings.


(Last revised November 22, 2021)

We are proud to be a community where all are welcome, and we want to provide a safe environment for the health and well-being of our parishioners and guests. Erie County is now an area of substantial spread of COVID. Please continue to use your own best judgment.


Indoors: Masking is no longer optional for those who are fully vaccinated; it is once again required for all while indoors. We strongly recommend, based upon CDC guidance, that those who are vaccinated wear masks to help curb the spread of the Delta variant; our worship leaders may remove their masks to aid in your ability to hear them, per current Erie County Department of Health guidelines.

Outdoors: Masking is optional for all individuals (vaccinated and unvaccinated) while outdoors.

Receiving Communion

We have transitioned from our pre-packaged communion wafers with wine to a common bread distribution. The priest will place the wafer into your hands at the altar rail. Should you desire to consume wine, please take your own individual cup from the tray. You may consume it prior to walking away or take it to your seat; please dispose of the cup in the garbage cans provided. We will continue to work to find a method for distribution which supports our understanding of Eucharist as consuming from a common cup.


Congregational singing is permitted. 

Physical Distancing

The parish has returned to full capacity. If you wish to attend indoor worship in person while remaining distanced, please notify an usher or vestry member when you arrive and you will be directed to alternate seating.


Passing of the collection plate during the offertory is permitted.

Contact tracing

All attendees must provide contact information for the party, consisting of a name and phone number, to the ushers at the rear of the church.

Gatherings and receptions

Large gatherings and special events are permitted with prior approval from clergy and wardens.

As a community, we will continue to support one another in times of trouble and in times of celebration. We encourage those who may be unable to attend in person to access our worship services remotely via our livestream on YouTube. We continue to promote vaccination, hand washing, good ventilation, and listening to our own bodies as the best way to see us through out of the pandemic.

This page will be continually reviewed and updated as guidelines change and the pandemic evolves.