Our History


Our little church at the corner of Burke Drive and Huntley Road has an interesting history.  

It began way back in February 1891 at St. James’ Church at the corner of Spring and Swan Streets.

(photo, right).  Dr. Charles H. Smith, the Rector of St. James’ Church helped to organize what was then called the Walden Avenue Mission.  This was located in an upper room in Burgard’s Hall at Bailey and Walden Avenues.  

In 1893 the congregation of the Mission was able to purchase land and erect a church of their own at Bailey Avenue and Hazel Place.  They took the name St. Stephen’s Church.  

Because of a population change, the old St. James church at Spring and Swan Streets closed and was sold in 1937.  The same problem of a changing neighborhood faced the congregation of St. Stephen’s Parish.

 In 1948, land was purchased (for one dollar) at our present location.   A new building was erected by Backus, Crane and Love Architects.  (The New) Saint James Episcopal Church was dedicated on December 18, 1949.  The congregation decided on this name because St. Stephen’s Parish (the Mission) was originally founded by the Old St. James’ Parish.  The Altar from St. Stephen’s Church is now the chapel altar in our church.

On January 1, 1974, St. James’ Church merged with St. Clement’s Church.  The resulting parish was renamed St. Michael and All Angels.  

 Our first pastor was Rev. W. Howard Wilson,  followed by Reverend Bruce Griffith (from St. Clements).  Reverend Joseph C. Dedde was rector of the church from 1977 until his retirement in 2001.  He was replaced by the Rev. Roger G. Grist, who was installed by Bishop J. Michael Garrison  in September of 2002.   Father Grist moved to Ft. Worth, Texas in October of 2004 and Reverend Charles Wheeler then came onboard until his retirement in December of 2008.

Father John A. Marshall (Fr. Jack) joined our parish in the latter part of  2009. In 2018 Father Jack left and now is at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Orchard Park. Our present priest in charge is Father Issac I.Ihiasota. Father Issac is also in charge of the Father Issac Foundation, which supplies medical care for those in need in Nigeria. To learn about this foundation, visit http://fatherisaac.org/